Within minutes, vascular ultrasound allows for the painless and completely non-invasive evaluation of blood vessels throughout the body, without the use of contrast injections or radiation. This technology provides real-time images of blood vessels, while measuring the speed and flow patterns of blood moving within them. Vascular ultrasound allows for the diagnosis of many physical problems related to blood flow.

Vascular ultrasound studies performed at Resolution Imaging include:

Carotid Artery Duplex Scan, which evaluates the main arteries in the neck supplying the brain with blood. Problems with carotid arteries may lead to stroke.

Leg and/or Arm Venous Duplex Scan, which evaluate veins in the arms and legs for the presence of thrombosis (blood clot), a frequent cause of swelling and pain.

Leg and/or Arm Arterial Duplex Scan, which evaluate arteries in the arms and legs for thrombosis, or narrowing and blockage due to atherosclerosis.

Abdominal Arterial Duplex Scan, which evaluates arteries supplying blood to various organs, including the kidneys.

Leg and/or Arm Segmental Arterial Pressure Measurement, which are functional tests that determine whether or not sufficient blood pressure is present in the extremities. Lack of adequate blood pressure and flow in these areas due to completely blocked or partially narrowed arteries can cause pain while exercising or at rest, numbness, or the inability to heal injured tissues.