CT scanning is a noninvasive test to visualize internal organs and structures within the body using a rotating xray tube and multiple xray detectors. Modern CT scanners are fast, limit radiation dose to the greatest extent possible, and provide highly detailed information about the inside of your body. CT scans can be performed with or without drinking liquid contrast material and with or without the use of intravenous contrast material (which is injected through an IV catheter placed by the CT technologist). Most CT exams take about 10-15 minutes to perform.

We have two spiral CT scanners at Resolution Imaging and your examination may be scheduled at either of these scanners based upon the type of exam you are having performed as well as other factors. Please make a note of whether your examination will be at our 2336 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite 206 site or at our immediately adjacent 2428 Santa Monica Blvd., Lower Level site. Both sites are at the same medical facility and share the same parking facility. The underground parking is underneath the 2336 building.